The Xperia X10 is Sony Ericsson’s first Android Smartphone!


Will the recent release of the Xperia X10 sky rocket Sony Ericsson’s unit sales through the roof? The X10 is Sony Ericsson’s first Android Smartphone; it has a gigantic 4 inch QVGA touch screen and comes with tons of features to entertain you and keep you in touch with friends. An FM radio tuner, digital camera, built-in and downloadable games and a multimedia centre will handle your entertainment needs and the superb TimeScape overlay will take care of all of you messaging and social networking.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is quite a tall device; it has to be to house the mammoth touch display. It comes in Black or White and looks terrific in both variations, the face of the phones has been made from a high strength glass which is very strong and scratch resistant, the shiny finish to the phones casing makes it look great and it feels both sturdy and secure to handle. The huge screen has a built-in accelerometer which is great for landscape web browsing and opens up a QWERTY keyboard for messaging and mailing support. An Android 1.6 operating system runs the phones core features and it is backed up by a powerful 1GHz processor in the engine room, though a colourful, futuristic overlay called TimeScape is what all the fuss is about; it brings outstanding touch control, an inspired social network and messaging hub and an excellent multimedia centre called MediaScape.

TimeScape’s best feature is definitely the social networking area; it gathers all of your social network accounts, e-mail accounts and messaging programmes and unites them into one easy to follow stack, updates, tweets and messages from all of your online or local contacts are streamed together for a full overview. Your social network accounts can be managed from your handset with Facebook and Twitter both compatible and multiple e-mail accounts can be handled too.

The second feature Sony Ericsson’s X10 offers is the MediaScape hub; here all of your entertainment requirements are dealt with, access to your picture gallery, videos and music library is easily found, you can check out YouTube videos and upload some of your own and you can upload content to your social network accounts too, so you can share videos, photos and other links with friends online. Obviously with the X10′s Android core you can add to your collection of apps and games b visiting the Google powered Android Market; thousands of applications for both practical and entertainment uses are available for download.


A tremendous 8.1 mega pixel camera has been fastened on the back; this will deliver high quality stills and videos for you to share with your social networks. Still images come out wonderfully and you have a 16x digital zoom and an auto focus feature to improve perspective and clarity, there are also face recognition and smile detection features in-case so you don’t have to worry about timing. Your videos are shot in a high resolution at 24-30 frames per second. A range of audio and video file types are supported by the X10′s media player and all are played back in the highest quality. The X10 is equipped with both Wi Fi technology and 3G network connectivity so maintaining a speedy web connection is effortless, they deliver great support to the 1GHz CPU and Google powered web browser to give you a brilliant mobile browsing experience. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been promised a new Android 2.1 OS update later in the year which should hopefully bring with it and Adobe Flash feature for Flash compatibility. Various location services are in place for those of you who find it easy to get lost; you have Google Maps, StreetView and WisePilot to help you plan routes or find out where in the world you are.

Hopefully Sony Ericsson has hit the mark with the Xperia X10, with its intuitive overlay and clever social network support it deserves a spot in the top phone listings this year. It has enough support for entertainment and you can make additions to the phones software with updates later in the year and the Android Market at your disposal anytime anywhere.